A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Made in one week for Game Parade Spring 2022 - source code

It's 1662 and every life counts for this critically endangered maurician fowl. On the verge of extinction you are the last dodo. Get to higher ground to lay your eggs in peace. Dodge poacher bullets and squash malicious monkeys as you race against the rising tide in this speedy platformer. 

Although the luckless dodo lacks the ability to fly, your wings give you just enough power to flutter and glide, letting you make your way through a tropical beach, dense jungle and perilous mountain range to continue your species into the next generation.


Mick Cooke - MakeFire Music   -> Music


Thanos Gramosis  -> Art  

Paul James - Wafer Audio -> Sound

Paulina Ramirez -  Lady Yami #3939  -> Voice Over/Writing 

Noam Zeise -> Programming 


Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run the application

this game uses Vulkan for rendering, so it wont work unless your graphics drivers support Vulkan: supported GPUs: http://vulkan.gpuinfo.org/listdevices.php

if your GPU is on the list, but the game doesnt run then you may need to update your graphics drivers.


The Last Dodo Polished 26 MB
The-Last-Dodo-Week1-Jam.zip 25 MB
The-Last-Dodo-Week1-Jam-Linux.zip 22 MB

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