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Help the noble thief Robyn Hood as she steals gold from the rich baron to help her impoverished community!

As her spirit guardian, your job is to cast magic spells that will help Robyn get the treasure. You can summon rocks from the sky to distract enemies or destroy objects, create violent gusts of wind to push people around, summon smoke from nothing to blind the enemy, and tell Robyn when the coast is clear.



Mick Cooke - MakeFire Music   -> Music and Sound Effects  https://youtube.com/channel/UCs75GjfGdtTS-CekMJOGICA

Thanos Gramosis  -> Art   https://www.artstation.com/tha-com-nos

Noam Zeise -> Programming  https://noamzeise.com/


Made for One Game a Month 16

- We were originally making this for OGAM-15 but life got in the way, and we were unable to make something we were happy with in time, so we worked on this game for OGAM-16 instead.

Install instructions



Unzip and run Robyn-Hood.exe

if you get missing vulkan dll error, then your gpu drivers are out of date, or your gpu does not support vulkan. In this case use the ogl-ver windows upload.



library dependancies:

libglfw3 libfreetype6 libsndfile libportaudio2


Robyn-Hood.zip 61 MB
Robyn-Hood-Linux-OpenGL-build.zip 59 MB
Robyn-Hood-Win-OpenGL-build.zip 61 MB

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