A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

For LD51 - Theme "Every 10 Seconds"

A platformer where you must get through each level with two different characters, but the changes you cause are persistent between the characters.

Two brave adventurers must navigate a strange world. Despite having seperate bodies, they have been coupled. Each can only act for 10 seconds at a time before they are placed into stasis and the other must act.


* Left/Right or A/D   for movement

* Z          or Comma for jump

* R for restart

* ESC for exit

debug controls:

* F1 for switch
* F2 for next level

* F3 for prev level

Source Code

Install instructions

unzip and run coupled_explorers binary


coupled_explorers.zip 5 MB
coupled_explorers_linux.zip 3 MB

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